World of Coffee Dubai: Trends on the Show Floor


This week, the specialty-coffee community in Dubai along with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) set the stage for the first-ever World of Coffee event to take place in the Middle East.

It has been amazing for me to witness how World of Coffee provides a global platform for the coffee community to learn about different trends, get inspired by lectures and workshops, and participate in competitions.

Since it’s the first time this event is taking place in the Middle East, I hit the show floor on the lookout for not only general coffee industry trends, but also ones that are connected to Arabic coffee culture.

So without further ado, reporting directly from the Dubai Exhibition Center, here are a few trends we have noticed at World of Coffee:

Funky Canned Coffees 

It’s not exactly news that canned coffee is growing in popularity. The trend has been around for quite some time now, and the market is constantly changing with new infusions popping up.

I can understand why canned coffee is particularly popular with roasters because it allows them to experiment with flavors and infusions. Just today, I tried Rocket Bean’s Kombucha Coffee and found it delicious! This product is a collaboration between Rocket Bean and Rudy’s Kombucha. It is not yet released to the general public, but the guys at the kiosk confirmed it will hit shelves next month.

Kombucha coffee cans
Rocket Bean’s Kombucha Coffee.

The latest canned coffee series by Three Coffee Roasters also caught my attention. It includes a vanilla marshmallow latte, a cold brew tonic, and my personal favorite, a cold brew passion fruit! 

Canned coffees by Three Coffee Roasters at World of Coffee Dubai
Canned coffee series by Three Coffee Roasters

Last but not least, I could not help but notice the bottled brews by Subko Coffee Roasters. Aside from their classic cold-brew blend, they also have the Jaago Bottle and the Horchata Cold Brew. The Jaago Bottle is a chilled concoction with Oat Milk, Subko House Blend Espresso, and their own Jaggery syrup. As for the Horchata Cold Brew, it is Inspired by Spain’s plant-based horchata drink, and blends almonds, rice, cinnamon, and vanilla with ground single-origin coffee beans steeped in filtered water with brown sugar and salt for 12 hours. Super funky!

Bottled coffees from Subko Coffee Roasters at World of Coffee Dubai
Bottled brews by Subko Coffee Roasters.

Modern Ibrik and Arabic Coffee Gear

With the event taking place in Dubai, I was excited to try some Arabic coffee and check out all the related coffee gear. Soon enough, I found many kiosks using modern Ibrik coffee pots as well as high-tech Dallah coffee makers. 

Ibrik made of borosilicate glass.
An ibrik made of borosilicate glass was an example of Arabic coffee traditions with modern updates at World of Coffee Dubai.

Ibrik coffee pots are traditionally made of copper and used for making Turkish coffee, while the Dallah is a traditional Arabic coffee maker that has been around for centuries. But as you can see from the photos, things have taken a more modern approach, as both the Ibrik and the Dallah coffee makers at the expo feature a contemporary look.

I particularly liked the Deem Guests Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker and the ibrik made of borosilicate glass.

Deem Guests Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker at World of Coffee Dubai
Deem Guests Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker

I enjoyed seeing the Arabic coffee community’s advances in design and all of their different brewing methods. In this sense, the World of Coffee in Dubai provided all visitors the opportunity to experience the Arab coffee community’s traditions with the help of modern design.

Ibik coffee pots at World of Coffee Dubai
Ibrik coffee pots with a modern design.

The Short Story Dispenser

This is definitely not one of the exhibits I expected to find at the expo. The Short Story Dispenser is a stand-alone kiosk that delivers short fiction print-outs for café visitors to print and enjoy with their coffee. It basically offers a convenient way for people to enjoy reading stories in any location such as a coffee shop, a mall, or an airport terminal. 

This particular dispenser has motion-activated, no-touch buttons for one-, three-, or five-minute stories. The stories are printed on eco-friendly, recyclable paper that is certified FSC and BPA-free. 

Short story dispenser at World of Coffee Dubai
The Short Story Dispenser by Short Édition was an unexpected find at World of Coffee Dubai.

The dispensers are an initiative by Short Édition, a French publishing company that releases short literature. I am actually a big fan of the idea, as it promotes reading for fun and discovering new literary talent. Plus, it’s great to have one nearby when you’re queuing for coffee.

As the World of Coffee Dubai is slowly coming to an end, don’t miss out the latest updates on the UAE National Ibrik and Cup Tasters Championships. Check out Barista Magazine’s Instagram page for all the latest news!


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