Eight Reasons to Pick Up an Aeropress

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Aeropress is one of the few coffeemaking devices that appeals to both purists and those with a taste for technology. At its core, Aeropress is a surprisingly simple appliance that sits somewhere between a cafetière and an espresso machine.

The basic mechanics are almost identical to those of a cafetière (a.k.a. French press), though with the addition of pressure for accelerated extraction. Whereas the grounds simply sit in the water and infuse with French Press coffee, they’re pressed with force through finer grounds with Aeropress.

All of which results in a quick, easy and seriously satisfying cup of coffee. But what is it about the Aeropress that has made it such a phenomenal success story? With such a wide range of gadgets all readily available, how has the Aeropress made such a name for itself on an already congested market?

According to the makers of the original Aeropress, there are at least eight things that make their creation a work of eat. Each of the following has been sourced directly from the proverbial horse’s mouth, painting a picture of something simple yet surprisingly sophisticated:

1) Rich, smooth coffee without bitterness

Aeropress is famed for producing a fantastically smooth, light and palatable brew, which doesn’t tend to be nearly as bold or intense as French Press coffee.  Perfect if you prefer a more refreshing cup.

2) Remarkably low acidity

The unique brewing method utilised by Aeropress also minimises acidity, resulting in an even cleaner taste. Again, ideal for those who prefer their coffee on the light and refreshing side.

3) Microfilter means no grit in cup

The use of an extremely fine filter eliminates all traces of grit from the coffee brewed. Where French Press coffee can sometimes be cloudy and muddy, this isn’t an issue with Aeropress.

4) Makes quality coffee in about a minute

Excluding the preparation of the water and coffee grounds, it can take as little as 60 seconds to brew perfect coffee with an Aeropress device. This makes it one of the fastest coffee brewing methods available, and by far one of the simplest.

5) Brews American and espresso style coffee

Tweaking the water-to-coffee ratio is possible to brew classic American-style black coffee or continental espresso with ease. Not to mention, more or less everything in between – paving the way for endless experimentation.

6) Ideal for kitchens, travel and camping

The small and lightweight nature of the Aeropress makes it perfectly portable.  Great for camping, music festivals and generally taking out and about on the road.

7) Clean-up takes seconds

As an added bonus, the Aeropress device (and its various components) could not be easier to keep clean. Simply disassemble the whole thing and give it a quick rinse after each use, in order to keep it in pristine condition.

8) Phthalate and BPA free

Last but not least, the Aeropress is made without any of the kinds of questionable compounds you’d prefer not to include in your brew. Safe, effective and easy to use, served with a side of priceless peace of mind for good measure!

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