15 Fun Things You Can Do With Coffee

Love coffee in every shape or form? There are so many hidden, but easy ways to add some unique flavor to your coffee that still keep it flavorful and fun.

There are no rules in the book of coffee that tell you how it should be consumed. Lucky for you, here are 15 ways to spruce up your coffee or even get your caffeine fix in a totally different way!

1. Coffee ice cubes 

things you can make with coffee

Maybe just drinking a whole cup of coffee sounds boring and it may be too strong for you. However, if you’re still looking for that coffee flavor and a small kick of caffeine making coffee ice cubes is the thing for you! Just pour your favorite brew into any ice cube tray, leave it overnight in the freezer, and pop them into a cup of your favorite milk or beverage.

Another reason why coffee ice cubes are great is because if you hate it when the ice in your iced coffee makes your drink all watery and diluted, coffee ice cubes could be life changing. Instead of having a flavorless cup of coffee, adding coffee ice cubes in your cup will only make it stronger and not lose its flavor!

2. Coffee gummies / coffee jelly

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Sometimes, there are just those days where bringing out the blender, frother, espresso machine, or coffee maker just seems tedious and like too much work. That’s why it might just be easier to grab some coffee-infused gummies or jellies that give you both the coffee flavor and kick!

You can easily make this at home with just a few ingredients. Either way, whenever you’re desperately needing a boost, just pop some coffee gummies in your mouth and you should be good to go.

3. Roast your coffee in a popcorn machine

Did you know that you could roast your own coffee at home? Just like how popcorn crackles, pops, and expands in the machine, natural coffee beans will have the similar effect. It is so satisfying and definitely a unique experience to say that you’ve watched green coffee roast in a popcorn machine. Not only is it fun to do at home, but it’ll add some unique flavor to your coffee!

4. DIY coffee syrups

what to do with used coffee grounds from french press

Making your own coffee syrups at home is so simple and easy to make. You seriously only need instant coffee, sugar, water, and whatever kind of flavoring you’d like in your syrup. Your options are endless — you can make all different kinds of syrup like lavender, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, orange, peppermint, and the list goes on and on.

All you do is boil all your ingredients together and in just about fifteen minutes, you have yourself a fresh cup of simple syrup that automatically heightens the flavor of your coffee.

5. Alternative milk

Coffee truly tastes good with any kind of milk whether it be regular, 2%, soy, oat, almond, macadamia, and the list is endless! Regular whole milk may be boring for many people, but adding alternative types of milk in your daily coffee can really make a difference. For instance, adding oat milk makes the coffee taste nutty and the texture to be creamy and rich. 

6. Coffee skin exfoliator scrub

Who says coffee is only meant for drinking? You can repurpose old, used coffee grounds to make an all natural coffee exfoliator scrub for your skin. Who knew coffee could also be used for beauty?

The coffee grounds can aid the skin in reducing wrinkles and stretch marks. It can also help remove the face and body dead skin. Rub some coffee grounds over your skin and it’ll leave you with flawless, soft skin just like a baby’s!

7. Gardening with old coffee grounds

As many people know, coffee contains many natural, healthy vitamins and minerals such as potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, and many more that can be beneficial for plants.

When coffee grounds are mixed with fertile soil, it could help contribute in producing fruit that’s large in size and quantity. Test it out in your garden today.

8. DIY cold brew at home


If you go to a cafe, cold brew can tend to get really expensive, but it’s actually so simple and easy to make in the comfort of your own home! Just grind up some of your favorite beans, pour it in a filter bag, and steep it in water in the fridge overnight. The next morning, you’ll have fresh cold brew made in a matter of ten minutes. You can drink it straight from the bottle as is, or add your own special flavor to it however you like.

9. Iced coffee popsicles

unique ideas for making things with coffee

On those hot summer days, nothing beats a juicy, fresh popsicle to stay cool from the heat. How about mixing your favorite summer treat with your favorite cup of coffee and make some coffee popsicles?

It is as simple and delicious as it sounds. Just pour some coffee however you like it into popsicle molds, keep in the freezer for a few hours, and you’ve got yourself a caffeinated, refreshing snack to get you through those long, summer days.

10. Make a latte in a french press

You can make a delicious espresso in your french press, but how about stepping up your game and also frothing up some milk while you’re at it? Heat up your favorite milk to go with your coffee, move the plunger up and down until you reach your desired frothy consistency, and simply pour it over your cup of joe or tea.

You’ve just made yourself a delicious, warm frothy cup of coffee that reminds you of those days you were at your favorite coffee shop.

11. Butter coffee

This type of coffee isn’t for the faint of heart because this will definitely keep you going for the whole day. Butter Coffee is a type of coffee mixed with butter and coconut oil that provides rich nutrients and vitamins, but also gives your body and mind a kick as soon as you drink it.

12. Use salt to stave off the bitter taste

If you love coffee, but hate how sometimes it tastes so bitter, salt might be your new best friend. Don’t sprinkle too much in your coffee, but just a small pinch of salt will do. The salt actually helps to improve your coffee by hiding the bitterness of the coffee when it passes by your tongue.

13. Add spices to your filter

When you add coffee in the filter of your pour over maker, it’s a great idea to add some flavorful spices alongside your coffee grounds. If you want your coffee infused with some strong, delicious flavors, you can add any spices according to your preference like cinnamon, nutmeg, and maybe even some chili powder!

14. Blend it or whip it up

how to make whipped instant coffee

When and if you’ve had enough of cold, iced coffee and you’re searching for some new textures, try blending your coffee with ice and make a frappe. You can even add some whipped cream on top to make it like the real thing. You’re essentially drinking a coffee smoothie and that sounds delicious.

If blending your coffee isn’t your thing, maybe try whipping up some instant coffee and making the trendy Dalgona Coffee

15. Make your coffee dirty

Who says coffee has to be the main superstar in your beverage? You can still get that caffeine kick without coffee being the main ingredient. Have you ever heard of a dirty matcha? Or a dirty chai latte? It is essentially a matcha or chai latte infused with one to two shots of strong espresso.

So, you get that rich taste of high-grade tea and also a little kick and flavor of strong coffee. It truly is a match made in heaven. Next time you go into your favorite cafe, make sure to try out your favorite drink and make it dirty.


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