The Ultimate Gift Guide for Speciality Coffee Lovers

Struggling for the perfect present for the coffee lover in your life? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here’s a round-up of the perfect Dear Green presents for any occasion. 

The all important bean selection to the ultimate coffee brewer! In this ultimate coffee gift guide we’ve hand-picked something to fit every budget… Read on and get shopping! 

1. KEEPCUP – £10

The world’s first barista standard reusable cup! Everyone should have one of these by now! No more disposables, this is a gift for life and to the benefit of our planet! Go on! With so many colours to choose from, you know it’s an easy choice! Check out this seasons colour options here.

 Buy now: Keepcup, £10


Your coffee table never looked so good! Custom designed by us! GRIND, EXTRACT, BREW and SLURP your way through a bag of DEAR GREEN coffee… ring mark free!

Buy now: Natural Cork Coasters, £14


This Ultra-Fine stainless steel filter disk designed for use with an Aerobie AEROPRESS® has a 35-micron filtration, which allows more oils and flavour notes to come through producing a fuller bodied cup of coffee. Plus it’s reusable… never run out of paper filters again! Whats not to like?!

Buy now: Aeropress Reusable Metal Filter Disc, £15 


Who doesn’t like brunch?! Published by the award winning Salt Media, creators of the Independent Coffee Guide, each recipe is matched to a coffee and a playlist pairing so you can recreate a slice of cafe culture at home!

Buy now: Indy Cafe Cookbook, £20

coffee cupping kit

This kit lets you taste coffee the way the coffee pros do it. The kit comes with 2 bags of 150g single origin coffee beans, a bean tray, a cupping bowl, a cupping spoon, SCA score sheet, a coffee tasting flavour wheel and full instructions on how to cup, analyse and score your beans!

Buy now: Coffee Cupping Kit, £20

6. VOUCHERS – from £10

Dear Green offer vouchers which can be used site wide for beans, kit or classes (Just for fun or to advance your coffee career!) Ensure the coffee geek in your life chooses exactly what they need to enhance their coffee obsession!

Buy now: Gift Voucher, from £10


This subscription is for 250g or 1kg bags of speciality coffee beans, delivered to your door (or to your recipient!) as frequently (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) for as long as you’d like. This is the gift which just keeps on giving!

Buy now: Coffee Subscription, from £9

8. COFFEE KIT CARRIER (+ kit) – £245

We’ve collaborated with our pals over at Trakke to create this handy coffee kit carrier… already tried and tested on our coffee farm trips! Containing an Aeropress, a Reusable Aeropress Filter Disc, a Hand Grinder, Scales, a Keep Cup and beans of course!

Buy now: Coffee Kit Carrier, £245

9. VARIA BREWER – £120 

The worlds most versatile coffee brewer! Espresso (Stove Top), Filter (Pour Over or Cafetiere) or use the kit to make cold brew, tea or simply as a kettle! Varia is designed to deliver the highest quality brewing experience, durability and aesthetics crafted from stainless steel, BPA-free materials and silicone. It really is a beauty! 

Buy now: Varia, £120


The traditional coffee filter machine. The Moccamaster is one of our favourites – it’s a good-looking machine and brews an excellent cup of coffee. It’s solid, simple and keeps your coffee hot for approx 40 minutes. Most importantly, it brews an exceptional cup which highlights the flavour profile of your coffee. An investment for life!

Buy now: Moccamaster, £185

Phew! That’s quite the gift guide. But we’re not quite finished yet. To round off your shopping basket, why not add on: 

And if you still can’t choose the perfect gift after all our suggestions, why don’t you grab a gift voucher

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